This week we look at 2 summits between the US and leaders of key emerging markets – ASEAN and LatAm.  These should both be slam dunks, but as we’ll se...View Details

Introduction to BEA (biz environment analysis).  The case is Mexico.  The assignment - build your Information Plan about Mexican business & cultur...View Details

You can take your SUPPLY CHAIN out of China, but you can’t take CHINA out of your SUPPLY CHAIN The discussion is no longer about IF you should shift y...View Details

1. Spheres of Influence are Re-forming The anti-Russia efforts have been led by Europe and the US. Former colonies (Africa, SE Asia, India, etc.) are ...View Details

Globalism 2.0  Ep 10:  Is Globalism dead?   For now. 1.No more normal.  Negotiations in Ukraine are just a new front in the ongoing war.  The internat...View Details

1. The Chain of Disruption – the slow moving train wreck of sanctions & logistics breakdowns  - that is eating your supply chain. The new scarciti...View Details

1. China Wins the War -- by doing nothing.   The Chinese have a concept known as Wu Wei - to do by not doing (or to let things happen according to nat...View Details

In this episode, we look out into the distant future (1 year) and test a few possible scenarios that may 1. Post Ukraine World. Potemkin Putin or Angr...View Details

Globalism 2.0.  Episode 6:  When Did China Know?  He Says, Xi Says. In this episode: Are China and Russia still an item? Yes, but it’s on the DL now. ...View Details

In this weeks edition of Globalism 2.0 – News Rules and Tools front-line managers need to stay competitive in a shifting trade environment. 1. Mexico ...View Details

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