US trade policy used to be made in the background by fairly plugged in actors who understood the big picture. Now commercial policy is another politic...View Details

Latin America has been largely overlooked by investors and major powers, but that might be changing as resources, market access and geopolitics promis...View Details

The US China dispute is morphing from a trade war to a global competition for influence, alliances, markets, and resources. China’s proactive, meticul...View Details

Western business people -- particularly American front-line decision-makers – are waiting for cooler heads to prevail and find common ground to do the...View Details

Globalism2.0 – Episode 23. You all know the story of the Frog in the Pot of Water. If the temperature rises slow and steady enough, he or she won’t re...View Details

State involvement and expanding trade alliances are going to have a bigger impact on your business and decision making, giving you new risks and timet...View Details

What Happened in Globalism 2.0 this week: More complex compliance issues, barriers to sales, and constant proxy-rivalries are already starting to crop...View Details

It’s time for some of us to start thinking about a Post-China world. If your career or sales or profits were propelled by China’s economic leaps since...View Details

Ep. 19.  The Loosening Belt?  May 14, 2021.   The Biden Admin picks up a couple of key recruits this weeks as Australia and TSMC/Taiwan both sign on t...View Details

Your Business Environment Analysis has to react to growing STATIST influences. China and Russia prefer making strategy at senior party level, and havi...View Details

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